Keeping Your Cool For The Holidays – Insomnia

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Keeping Your Cool For The Holidays - Insomnia - Maryon Stewart

You can’t get to sleep

What on earth are you going to get everyone for Christmas, how are you going to get all the food shopping done by December 24th and who is going to decorate the Christmas tree? It’s not surprising if you can’t get to sleep at night or start waking up at 4am with your thoughts running around in all directions.

Fight Back

  • Try not to take your worries with you to bed. Making a ‘to do’ list last thing before turning in can sometimes help to relax you.
  • A hot soya milk drink or a cup of valerian or camomile tea in the evening may help as can listening to some soothing music.
  • A lovely warm bath to which you have added a couple of drops of a soothing essential oil such as lavender can help you to unwind.
  • Avoid watching, reading, or listening to anything too stimulating in the evening as it could keep you awake.
  • If you wake up in the middle of the night take the herb valerian to help you get back to sleep and recount your day to yourself from the beginning in a slow boring voice.
  • Use the Pzizz Sleep App as it has been shown to promote restful sleep.

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