5 ways to cure midlife insomnia

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Today I want to focus on something that affects a lot of women during menopause, and that’s insomnia.

When you reach menopause your night becomes fragmented and interspersed with terrible hot flushes, thermal surges that keep you awake in the night and then you get up to pee and find that you can’t go back to sleep…. It’s never ending.

Sleepless nights are very frustrating, especially if you have to work or get up early in the morning.

So how can you turn the night sweats off completely and resume a peaceful night's sleep?

As a temporary measure, like a band-aid, here’s some tips on what you can do to deal with insomnia…

  1. Turn off your technology at night
  2. Do something relaxing for at least an hour before you go to bed
  3. Listen to some soothing music.
  4. Have a hot drink, but not too hot that you bring on the hot flashes
  5. Take some valerian or supplements to help you get some sleep

Don’t underestimate relaxation, it’s so important and really does help to turn off your flushes as well and the night sweats.

If you are really worried about what’s happening with your body and the symptoms have come on suddenly, then you should go to your doctor and get checked out.

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