Reclaim your mojo at midlife

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Reclaim your mojo at midlife - Maryon Stewart

Rome wasn’t built in a day and, without a magic wand, the often ghastly symptoms that occur at the perimenopause and menopause can’t be alleviated overnight. With a few scientifically based inside tips symptoms can be history within a matter of months though. And that includes everything from hot flushes through to loss of confidence, insomnia, anxiety, aches joints, fatigue and even dry sore vaginal tissues, lost libido and more. The trick is finding workable information and learning how to implement it.

Reclaim your mojo

Most of us would give our back teeth to reclaim our mojo at midlife. But the truth is that women commonly believe that their confident energetic selves did an ‘exit stage left’ along with their libido as part of the ageing process. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s far from the case. Not only can we annihilate the symptoms that occur at midlife, but we can also reclaim our zest for life and general wellbeing, and keep ourselves in good shape in the long-term by learning to meet our needs at this life stage.

Nutrient deficiencies

Before getting into the nitty gritty of changes you will need to make to your diet and lifestyle it’s important to understand the fundamentals of what’s going on in your body at this time. There are two big issues. One is that levels of important nutrients fall to an all-time low for most of us by the time we reach the perimenopause, affecting our brain chemistry and hormone function. If you had children and breast-fed, that will have fast tracked you to depletion unless you got good information about how to redress the balance along the way. As the years roll past, unless you know how to put back what time and nature have claimed, levels of magnesium, zinc, calcium, B vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids fall, making it pretty impossible for our hormones to function normally or for us to ever feel really well.

Ovarian function

The second issue is, from perimenopause onwards when ovarian function reduces, oestrogen levels fall leaving empty receptor sites within the cells. The brain doesn’t comprehend and therefore sends out thermal surges in an attempt to kick start the ovaries back into function. We call these hot flushes and night sweats!

Mimicking oestrogen

So if you learn how to put oestrogen back into your body naturally with food and scientifically based supplements and get your nutrients into an optimum range you will be well on the way to recovery. You can fool the brain into thinking that you have normal levels of oestrogen and there won’t be any need for the thermal surges. Throw in a little formal relaxation and some regular exercise and it might as well be a magic!

Despite the wealth of published literature supporting the non-drug approach to managing menopause, the medical profession has largely left women to fend for themselves at this hugely important life stage. The net effect to a whole generation of women, as well as their families, can be catastrophic, therefore, therefore feel compelled to step in and offer to provide directions to overcome symptoms, resurrect self-esteem and wellbeing. In the weeks and months to come, based on the successful programme we pioneered at the Natural Health Advisory Service over many years, I’m going to be outlining the journey to recovery so that you can regain your mojo. Watch out for more details very soon.

Are you feeling demotivated?
Have you lost your mojo?
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