Cutting through the confusion of managing your menopause

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Cutting through the confusion of managing your menopause

Recently, a friend of a friend posted on Facebook that she feels she has been hit by a steamroller as her menopause arrived and that her doctor advised her to take HRT. She was asking her friends for their advice. One of her contacts and a friend of mine recommended that she got in touch with me for some expert advice as I pioneered a scientifically based non-drug approach to menopause, have written several books on the subject, and have been helping women overcome their symptoms for more than 20 years. In fact, over ninety per cent of women on our programme report being symptom-free within five months; I, therefore, felt qualified to offer help.

Confusion about what to take

What then followed on Facebook turned out to be incredibly insightful. Following her post, she was inundated with advice from friends who were offering ‘solutions’ and mostly warning her not to take HRT at all costs because members of their families and friends had become victims of cancer after taking it. Some of the suggestions involved gritting her teeth and bearing it without HRT. Others suggested she try a range of supplements or creams, one or two of which are science based, but the majority were not. Others advised her to make some changes to her diet. None of them got it quite right and reading the posts made me realise just how confused women when menopause strikes.

I confess to being amazed, frustrated and angry that women are in the dark, fending for themselves, with little direction at such a crucial time in their lives, especially as many of us work and need to be able to function at a high level. The information on effective alternatives to HRT is out there but is lost by the overwhelming amount of content on the internet, much of which is provided by companies who have vested interests.

The natural approach

It reminds me of a story some years ago when I was running the Natural Health Advisory Service. We were asked by a company to include their phytoestrogen rich product onto our recommended list of supplements for patients. Apparently, their product contained 39 mg of isoflavones, the naturally occurring oestrogen. They were slow to provide the science to back up the efficacy of the product, which was a pre-requisite to being included.

It was about that time that I attended an Annual Symposium on Phytoestrogens in the USA. As luck would have it I bumped into two world class researchers I knew, one from Johns Hopkins University and one from Oxford. During a conversation, I expressed my concern about the lack of research relating to supplements for the menopause and they looked at each other and smiled. It turned out that they had just finished undertaking an independent analysis on forty products purporting to contain a certain number of isoflavones. They offered to share the information with me prior to publication and to my horror, the study showed that only two of the supplements out of forty tested contained what they said on the package. And even more horrifying was the one that claimed to contain 39 mg of isoflavones only actually contained 1 mg.

All the books I have written on menopause over the years are fully medically referenced which means the non-drug approach is well documented in the medical literature, meaning it has been in the public domain for many years. Despite this women are often left clinging on by their fingernails at the time of their menopause asking their friends for advice as nothing workable, except the recommendation to take HRT, is forthcoming from the majority of the medical profession. It’s actually a complete scandal and very sad for womankind.

No need to suffer

In the 21st century, there is no need to suffer at the time of the menopause for there is an effective solution that can be tailored to individual taste, lifestyle and budget.  I’m inviting women to my website to register for the webinars and, once we have organised the back end to facilitate this, will be posting the first dates of the sessions in the next few days.

This 3-minute film gives details about the programme

My programme

The programme pioneered by my team at the Natural Health Advisory Service has helped literally tens of thousands of women all over the world. I can put my hand on my heart and say there is no need to suffer alone or to be conned into taking something that isn’t what it says on the packet. You can so easily overcome your debilitating symptoms at the time of the menopause and reclaim your well-being. I’m more than happy to share the information and to point you in the right direction because I can.

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