Join Our Midlife Refuel Club
Get recharged and feel better than you can remember!

Join Our Midlife Refuel Club
Get recharged and feel better than you can remember!

Be a Better You at Midlife!

Every woman deserves to feel amazing throughout her life. As many women reach Midlife, this is not always the case; many changes are happening within her body and in her life in general.

Often her health is last on the list of her priorities. But it doesn’t need to be like this. If, she can get her hormones back in balance and ensure that her nutritional levels are in an optimum range, she can feel better, fitter and younger than ever before. Yes, I did say better, fitter and even more youthful.

Over 100,000 women have been through my science-based Natural Menopause Solution with symptoms diminishing within a few weeks. Ninety-one per cent of my patients were symptoms-free within 5 months.

- Maryon Stewart

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8 women share how Maryon's programme helped them through their darkest days during menopause

  • As a doctor, my own symptoms were not helped at all by several attempts with various forms of HRT, but after just three weeks of Maryon’s program they had almost disappeared — and they have stayed away!
  • I would recommend Maryon Stewart to any women needing support, advice and a positive plan to help to navigate through what can be a difficult time.Maryon genuinely cares about women, she has a passion to help. Thank you Maryon and your team!
  • I was in a bad place with no idea what was wrong with me. I joined Maryon's Six-Week Solution, and in only a few short weeks, I am already getting my old self back! Thank you again for your extreme kindness and generosity and for helping me and giving me the tools to get myself back on track.
  • I keep thinking of my Six-Week Solution experience and the months of coaching with Maryon with great humbleness and gratitude. These saved my life, my career and my marriage. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation enough for the support Maryon has given me.

Welcome to the Natural Menopause Solution!

Maryon Stewart's Natural Menopause Solution introduces diet, exercise, relaxation and science-based, standardised supplements as a comprehensive programme to eliminate menopause symptoms naturally. Our offerings range from one-to-one consultations to self-help programmes (14 Day and 5 Day Plan) to our guided Six-Week Natural Menopause Solution ".

Six-Week Natural Menopause Solution

Six-Week Natural Menopause Solution

Science-based, step-by-step guided instruction with weekly Q & A live sessions, written & video modules, private group, meal plans & recipes, support, assessment & tracking tools 

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14 Day Menopause Empowerment Programme

14 Day Menopause  Programmme

Science-based, structured self-paced written & video modules with tracking tools and support to help alleviate common symptoms 

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5 Day Plan: Relieving Stress and Anxiety

5 Day Plan: Relieving Stress and Anxiety

Science-based, structured self-paced written & video modules, focusing on alleviating stress and anxiety through diet, exercise and  specific relaxation techniques

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5 Day Plan: Relieving Stress and Anxiety

One-to-one Consultation

One-to-one virtual call consultation with Maryon Stewart. Customised programme including dietary, exercise and relaxation recommendations, plus follow ups

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Understanding Menopause

Menopause affects millions of women every year. And though it is a natural transition, according to our 2018 survey "Changing the Conversation" .

out of

Ninety-six per cent felt unprepared for menopause.


With over two-thirds (66%) feeling completely unprepared.


Ninety per cent  wanted information about how to manage their menopause naturally.


Do the results above resemble what you are experiencing in your own life?  Would you like to learn what you can do? Take a couple of minutes to fill out my quick midlife assessment to learn how to get your symptoms under control and start feeling better than you can remember.

Stages of Menopause


Early Menopause
Onset of menopause before 45 years

Transition period when ovaries produce less oestrogen, 40 to 50 years


Marks 1 year after the last menstrual cycle when ovaries stop releasing eggs, around 51 years


The years after menopause, poses health risks due to declining hormone levels, 51 years

Did you know?

Twenty minutes of formal relaxation a day can reduce your hot flushes by 60%.

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