More Love, Less Fear

By November 9, 2016News


On the day when we wake up to discover that #Donald Trump won the presidential election in the USA and that #Marijuana is being legalised in multiple US States, coupled with the aftermath of #Brexit, it’s understandable that many of us feel downhearted and experience fear.  News from around the world, constantly filled with reports about people attacking others physically as well as verbally, often seems surreal; even unbelievable.  Open prejudice and violence, which causes injury and even death, are painful to witness for those of us who choose love over hate.

Changes like Brexit and news about the presidential election in the USA are beyond the common man and woman’s control.  Likewise, terrorist attacks, executed by extremists who have been brainwashed to wage war on others with the intention to cause widespread fear and panic are abhorrent.  The majority of us watch on, horrified by events beyond our control because it makes us feel powerless.

As a professional problem solver, until recently, I found the powerlessness beyond frustrating, because I couldn’t see a way for good to triumph over evil.  I experienced huge relief when a light went on in my head as I considered how different life on earth would be if we focus on that which is within our control.  We should concentrate on mindfully loving more, hating less and doing random acts of kindness for each other, because we can. Whilst that may seem a naïve concept, my attention remains with it. It made me wonder if the conscious ones amongst us could band together with love on the agenda, no matter what religion, and turn the tide on hate and our backs on fear. It also reminded me about an idea I had to set up a Random Acts of Kindness day following the tragic death of my 21 year old daughter.

It’s admittedly a huge challenge, and, some might say not even possible, but wouldn’t it make those of us who choose love over hate to feel so much better? At least we would be actively doing something positive and rewarding, resulting in raised endorphin and serotonin levels, the feel good hormones. Most of us have the ability to change the way we feel and make a difference to the lives of our family, friends and work colleagues as well as our immediate environment.  Imagine the ripple effect that will be felt around the world as a result.

Recognising that making this a global initiative needs to be led by a group of change makers, I made a mental note to speak to my wise friend Judy Piatkus, who several years ago set up a movement called Conscious Café, giving people the opportunity to engage in conscious conversations with likeminded others focussing on love and goodness.

Contacting Judy was on my ‘to do’ list on the day I received the invitation to the conference she is organising, in London on 27th November, entitled ‘Raising the Vibration of Love’.  Not too surprisingly, Judy has proactively organised a whole day event bringing together leading opinion leaders, healers, authors and respected senior executives to explore ways of reducing fear and increasing the expression of love in our lives, with a common goal of making the world a better place.  I bought a ticket in a heart beat as it feels like a group I want to be part of.



If you feel similarly about making a difference, and you can get to London, why not come and join us?  Let me know if you decide to buy a ticket so that we can connect on that special day.  If you are in a different geographic location, you can still focus on saying no to fear and yes to love and kindness.  Instead of resisting change and that which you can’t control, colour your world and immediate environment daily with good deeds, love and gratitude for all that we do have in our lives. We will ride the changes together feeling like we are each truly making a difference to the world on every day of our lives.