Misleading Menopause ‘Science’!

By March 1, 2016News

Reading a new study on coffee consumption and osteoporosis made me shout ‘Oh Please’ out loud this morning and reminded me that not all science is equal.

Don’t women at midlife have enough of a challenge. They are constantly being persuaded by the Pharmaceutical industry that hormone replacement therapy is safe to be back on the menu, do they really need to be hoodwinked by the coffee industry as well?

This new study shows that two cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of osteoporosis in menopause women by 21 per cent. What it fails to account for however is that the caffeine in two cups of coffee per day would dramatically increase the power surges leaving women feeling like they are melting and frankly, probably far too tired from lack of sleep, to care whether they get osteoporosis after the menopause.

The study quotes the fact that coffee is a phytoestrogen but it fails to say how many milligrams of phytoestrogen it contains. In order to combat symptoms at the time of the menopause studies show that we need to consume approximately 100 mgs, little and often throughout the day, to satisfy the needs of the oestrogen receptor sites within the cells.

Foods rich in isoflavones, the phytoestrogen rich properties include soy, flaxseeds and red clover mainly. A 250 ml glass of soya milk contains about 20mg of isoflavones for example and a small tub of soy yogurt contains about 10mg. Other rich soya sources apart from tofu are edamame beans, great in salads or as snacks, and soya nuts.

We can actually generate new bone cells by keeping the oestrogen receptor sites full with naturally occurring oestrogen as this fools the brain into thinking there are normal levels of circulating oestrogen. The body therefore continues to make new bone cells, rather than losing up to 10 per cent of our bone mass each year post menopause. Regular weight bearing exercise has also been shown to regenerate our bones.

We simply don’t need coffee to keep our bones strong but we do need peaceful sleep to feel sane enough to determine the good science from that probably funded by a coffee bureau.


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