What is menopause?

When menopause & midlife mayhem descends it’s not uncommon to wake up in the morning feeling like you have been possessed by an alien. Life as you knew may seem to be a dim and distant memory. Your hormones are in the driving seat and you are left clinging on by your fingernails.

Gone are the days when you roll over in the mornings hoping your partner is in the mood for some fun. Instead of snuggling up for comfort and love you are only too pleased to be in your own space busy throwing off the covers as the heat over takes you.

When you cool down, hoping you will stay cool long enough to engage in passion, you may be fearful that intercourse will be a nightmare leaving you feeling sore instead of satisfied.

Repeated nights interrupted by overpowering sweats leave you feeling overwhelmingly tired. Your skin takes on a pale hue and circles appear under your eyes making you look like you haven’t slept well for months. You drag yourself out of bed to get on with your day but struggle because of your lack of energy.

Your clothes may be too tight as you have gained weight through comfort eating and lack of exercise and you feel despondent and somewhat depressed. The power surges that come unannounced at regular intervals make you red in the face and feel like you are melting are nothing short of embarrassing.

You can get back your life as you knew it.

Maryon specialises in Menopause, Perimenopause and PMS, but her treatments aim to target a number of conditions that can be caused as a result or similar hormonal imbalances, from hot flushes and libido loss to anxiety and panic attacks.

Research identified by the National Health Advisory Service showed that women often had low levels of important nutrients which affected their brain chemistry and hormone function, but when they were taught to redress the balance and meet their lifestyle needs, studies showed over 90% of women feel completely better within 5 months, regardless of how severe their initial suffering was.

They transformed from being a scary shadow of their former selves, sometimes aggressive, depressed and even suicidal, to feeling happy, well and in the driving seat of their lives.

Two-thirds regained their libido; food and sweet cravings were completely conquered; hot flushes, night sweats and anxiety disappeared; and women who needed to lose weight successfully lost weight without dieting.

Menopause is not a disease, but a natural event.

Cherie Lunghi, the actress, was struggling with menopause when she came to see Maryon.