Life After Menopause: What Happens Next?

By November 2, 2017Uncategorized

I’m often asked… ‘When does menopause end? and ‘How long does it last?’

So today I wanted to focus on what happens after menopause, because as you go through menopause most people don’t even know when they’ve come out the end of it. So let’s straighten out the facts.

The perimenopause is the five years before the time of the menopause. The average age of menopause is 51 and you will be surprised to hear that menopause is really only one day. In fact menopause is the anniversary of one year since you last had a period…. the next day you’re postmenopausal.

However, women may experience symptoms for up to 10 years before this day.

I had a patient last week who came to me and said that she was 74 years old and still having her menopause symptoms, and was that normal? It’s certainly not abnormal.

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