Regain your well-being and sanity in just 6 weeks!

Join Maryon Stewart and dozens of other women on the 6 Week Cruising Through The Menopause Boot Camp Online Programme.

If your life has become a living hell because of hot flushes, weight gain, depression, insomnia and night sweats – all common symptoms of menopause – let Maryon Stewart help you feel at the top of your game with her all natural menopause programme evolved over 25 years of scientific research.  

Renowned PMS and menopause expert, Maryon Stewart offers a solution with her 6 Week Cruising Through The Menopause Boot Camp.  

The 6 Week Boot Camp is designed to teach how to develop your own custom programme that will help eliminate your symptoms naturally.  

Maryon’s step-by-step approach includes:  

  • Videos, Tips & Lessons
  • Group Support 
  • Video Q & A With Maryon 
  • Action Steps All Designed To Take Back Your Life 

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"I feel 500 per cent better. I feel energetic, I haven't got any of the symptoms and I feel like a completely different person. I feel wonderful actually."  

Cherie Lunghi Actress, Celebrity & Menopause Sufferer

Actress Cheri Lunghi and others share their verdict on Maryon's programmes

Course curriculum

Week 1 Get familiar with your treatment options for peri-menopause and menopause and learn short cuts to control hot flushes, night sweats, panic attacks, aches and pains, painful sex, headaches, tearfulness, and insomnia.  

Week 2 Understand the relationship between diet and hormones and learn how to detect and correct nutritional deficiencies so that you get your hormone function back on track  

Week 3 Getting to know about Mother Nature’s secret foods that normalise your hormone function at the time of the menopause, beat the bloat, curb the cravings and lose weight without dieting  

Week 4 Learn about the science based supplements that have been shown to dramatically reduce menopause related symptoms and learn how to release happy hormones naturally  

Week 5 Discover the secrets to sleeping peacefully as well as feeling positive and sexy again  

Week 6 Beat brain fog, rekindle your memory and create your personal action plan to reclaim your wellbeing and get symptom free.  

Bonus: Live Q & A sessions with Maryon Stewart

Bonus 2: Your own copy of the new e-book “Beat Menopause the Natural Way” by Maryon Stewart

Bonus 3: Access to the film “Get Fit for Midlife”

Regular Price: £499

Special Offer: £249  

Use coupon code 'masterclass' at checkout to receive special offer price!