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June 2018

There’s No Need To Live In Hormone Hell!

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I was asked this week to describe the typical woman that I specialise in helping. It actually stopped me in my tracks as I have never been asked this question before during my 30 year career.  Whilst I acknowledge each woman’s suffering, I usually place my focus firmly on the…

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Change the Menopause Conversation

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  How often have you heard the expression “don’t worry about her, she is going through the menopause” for different behaviours being exhibited?   Or, have you heard the term “It’s the change” used about you or some of your female colleagues?  Is it any wonder women feel self-conscious and get…

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Kate Spade could have thrived

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Kate Spade, like so many other women in their fifties, was experiencing depression which can have a devastating effect on self- esteem as well as relationships. In my most recent survey on relationships, 91% of the women felt their relationships were strained as they ventured through menopause, leaving many couples…

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